Pest Control in the Gulf

Those living in the Eastern Shore (Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Mobile) area may face a universal problem: Dealing with pests in your lawn and home. It's nothing unusual, and certainly not indicative of any particular lifestyle. Every type of residence can come face to face with cockroaches, ants, spiders, termites and more.

Finding quality pest control in the Eastern Shore isn't easy. Some charge way too much for ineffective services. Others might charge an unbelievably low rate, yet use ineffective products or give slipshod services that do not completely eliminate the pest problem.

While many pest control businesses use traditional methods, TDI Lawn & Pest Services offers a unique way to get rid of pests in the Eastern Shore.

Integrated Pest Management

A method TDI uses (called Integrated Pest Management) gives a smarter approach to pest control. Abbreviated IPM, this approach is a focused method that many similar pest control businesses do not offer. At TDI, we customize our pest control services according to your individual needs. We find the right combination of pest control methods to target existing problems and to prevent potential future issues through the multifaceted approach of IPM.

It all starts with TDI's initial process in ridding pests from your home. The method used is one that we perform without harmful pesticides. It's true that many pest control companies use questionable insecticide formulas, leading to potential harm for families and pets, but our team at TDI prioritizes health and safety.

What's most important in the IPM process is what comes after the initial treatment. TDI inspects your home thoroughly to assure no new pests come in. A common problem with similar services is they don't do preventive measures after treatment. When it comes to insects, another group could easily enter and take over if they see any opportunity.

Using a Liquid Barrier

As part of the pest control process and treatment in The Eastern Shore, TDI places a liquid barrier three feet up and three out around the foundation of your home. This process works like a force field for insects, even though they'll attempt to walk through it. Once they come in contact with the liquid, they die instantly.

Rather than waiting for the insects to break into your home or lawn, the liquid barrier acts as an effective and proactive method to prevent the intrusion.

Spider and Wasp Control for Doors and Windows

When you see a list of the most common places where spiders come in, it's always through small openings in doors and windows. The same goes with wasps, a problem you likely have around your windows every summer. TDI prevents these insects and others from coming in to your home using the Webster device for doors, windows, eaves, and overhangs. The Webster removes old or new nests, webs, insects, and even their eggs which will prevent infestations.

Scoping Out Other Potential Entry Points

For a completely thorough approach, TDI searches out places around your home where pests could come in. You'd be amazed at how insects can crawl through the smallest cracks and crevices.

Using practical methods like baits to catch these insects in the act, you can rest easy you won't wake up to another round of spiders or ants after receiving an initial treatment and follow-up application.

Environmental Aspects

As we mentioned, a strong aspect to TDI's brand is our usage of environmentally friendly pesticides, a direct offshoot from our lawn care services. Our understanding of green pesticide technology use in both pest control and lawn services speaks to our expertise and dedication to your family’s safety.

It is justifiable to still worry about pesticides when you hire pest exterminators, but you can have quality insect control by going green. TDI proves it for all the Eastern Shore (Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Mobile) residents.

Look no further for pest control in the Eastern Shore. Visit www.TDI.Services to find out more about our pest control technologies, plus lawn care.