Wasps are a plague in our region. They occur in several different colors, but are generally yellow, red, or black. They have distinctive long legs that hang limp as they fly. They have 3-part bodies with the abdomen containing a powerful reusable venomous stinger.


The best wasp prevention is to eliminate the food supplies that would attract a wasp to build a nest in your area. Such food supplies include human food leftovers, sticky syrups and soda spills, and any sugary substance (especially in liquid form).


Wasp sprays that kill on contact are available, but using them near a nest can be dangerous. Wasps are very defensive and will react to such an attack instinctively by scrambling the entire nest to attack the intruder. Many adult humans have been hospitalized or killed by an organized retaliation by a nest of wasps. TDI Pest Control specialists are trained and skilled in the methods of eradicating wasp populations from your home.