While there are thousands of types of spiders, they all share similar characteristics. They have eight legs and a large 2-part body with an abdomen that is much larger than the head. They have pronounced pincers on their head that they use to bite or sting their prey. Most spiders spin webs, though some do not.


Spider problems are most easily eliminated by frustrating the spider's attempts to establish a web. By removing free-standing webs from the home repeatedly, the spiders will become discouraged with their inability to find food in this location and will move on. There are also professional perimeter treatments than can be effective in preventing spider problems.


Once you determine that you have a spider problem, and decide that the risks and/or negative aesthetic aspects outweigh the benefits they can bring, you could attempt to remove the free-standing webs yourself. However, spiders are persistent and will likely rebuild a fallen web at least a few times. TDI Pest Control can rid your home of existing spider populations, and ensure that your home does not present a hospitable environment for future spider infestations.