While many believe that a rat is just a large mouse, they are a completely different species. Rats can reach as large as 18 inches long and have been known to bite humans when cornered. Rats can be black, brown, or gray in color.


Rats can enter the house through nearly any opening lager than 2 inches in diameter. They have very flexible bodies and can squeeze through such openings without much effort. Sealing all such openings will help in preventing a rat problem. This is important because even the cleanest home could present a rat with a desirable source of food and shelter. Aggressive natural enemies such as large house cats and some dog breeds will help keep your yard and home rat free.


Over-the-counter rat remedies are dangerous for the general public to use. Rat poisons kill dozens of people in the US every year, and rat traps can break fingers if not set with proper care. Such traps and poisons also create a hazard to children and pets. The best solution is to call TDI Pest Control to assess the situation and provide a solid strategy in preventing and treating for rats.