Mice are small rodents with thin bodies ranging from 5-8 inches in length including the tail. Without the tail, their bodies usually reach a maximum size of between 2-3 inches long. They have pointed snouts and rounded ears and are covered with smooth brown, gray, or white fur.


Sanitation is one way to prevent a rodent infestation. However, that may not be adequate with this particularly advanced pest. Mice are very adaptable, can be found in nearly every climate, and will see almost any organic matter as a source of food. With this pest, sanitation must be followed up with good perimeter security. Sealing up holes and cracks that could allow a small rodent to enter your home is a good example of such perimeter security. Aggressive natural enemies such as house cats or small terrier breeds of dogs are also helpful in keeping your property and home free of rodents.


Once you have detected a rodent problem in your home, call us immediately. We have techniques and equipment that will rid your home of rodents once and for all. DO NOT attempt to utilize over the counter fixes to this difficult pest problem. Over the counter rat poison accounts for dozens of human deaths every year, and standard mousetraps can result in injury to pets or children.