German Cockroach

German Cockroach
German cockroaches grow to 10-15mm long and range in color from brownish tan to dark brown. They have two distinct bands running the length of their bodies. The male is slender and tapered, while the female is stockier, with a more rounded abdomen.


Preventing infestation of the German cockroach is very difficult. They are persistent pests and multiply very quickly. The best defense is to keep surfaces very clean and free of potential food sources altogether. However, because this pest is so efficient at locating food, this process is more difficult than it sounds. The best solution for prevention is professional treatment. TDI Pest Control specialists use the most proven methods available in treating existing roaches and preventing future infestations.


When you have seen one or two German Cockroaches, the problem is most likely larger than you might imagine. They are most active at night and will usually hide very quickly when humans enter the vicinity. This means if you have actually seen a few, there is probably already an infestation. Homeowners are discouraged from attempting over-the-counter products for this persistent pest since most such products only work on actual contact. For best results, call TDI. We can guarantee elimination of even the worst German cockroach infestation.