Fleas are small hopping insects with six legs and a 2-part body with the abdomen being several times larger than the head. They are very small and often difficult to detect visually. They have very thin, flat bodies that makes it difficult to remove them with standard grooming tools such as brushes and combs.


Keep all pet accessories and sleeping areas clean. Use flea and tick collars on your pets. If you have rodent problems, get them taken care of. Fleas love rodents. Even these prevention methods can fall short since humans themselves are also favorite targets for fleas. The best prevention is treatment of the area to be protected by a TDI Pest Control specialist.


If you already have a flea problem, over-the-counter remedies will likely fail because few of them kill the eggs and larvae as well as the adult fleas. TDI specialists are equipped to rid your home and pets of fleas in all stages of development.