The earwig is a particularly devilish looking insect with pincher tails and an elongated body. They can grow as large as 1 inch long and are brownish black in color.


Preventing an earwig infestation is relatively simple. Avoid mulch, picnic furniture, and other such items in which an earwig could live. If these items are a necessity in your yard, call TDI Pest Control to treat your home and yard. This will prevent not only earwigs, but other types of infestations.


If you find that you already have an earwig problem, you can physically remove them yourself with vacuum cleaners or brooms. However, it is a matter of time before a new infestation occurs unless you remove the conditions that make your home a good earwig target. TDI Pest Control specialists have methods of eliminating an earwig problem today and preventing it from returning in the future.