Ants can be black, brown, red, yellow or some variation of any of these colors. In the USA, they range in size from a little less than a millimeter to nearly 2 inches long. They have 3 segments to their body and six legs. Their antennae stick up from their heads and are bent rather than simply curved. An ant's abdomen has a teardrop shape to it.


Keep food sources tightly sealed in spaces like the refrigerator or sealed canisters in the pantry. Clean dishes immediately after each meal, and don't let your kids eat snacks anywhere except in the dining room or kitchen. Many ant problems result from children leaving half-eaten snacks in their rooms, or dropping crumbs around the house. The best prevention is to have your home pre-treated for ants by a TDI pest management professional.


Once you have an ant problem, time is of the essence. A colony that believes they have found a good source of food will begin collecting it very efficiently. While many over-the-counter ant products are available, the only sure way to solve the problem for good is to call a professional. TDI will guarantee the successful eradication of your ant problem.