Lawn Care in Decatur, AL

Taking care of a lawn is one of the burdens of owning a home, and without the proper attention, a lawn can turn into an eyesore. Those of you looking for lawn service in Decatur, Alabama may already know this from your experience in the hot summers and fluctuating temperature of Alabama. Despite Alabama having significant rain totals every year for natural irrigation, it takes more than just watering to make an attractive lawn.

TDI Services in Decatur, AL brings new methods to lawn care using environmentally friendly techniques. Our approach to lawn care incorporates elements that you may not have previously considered so your lawn looks its best.

Differentiating from the Competition

One thing you'll discover about TDI is that those looking for lawn service in Decatur, AL can expect lawn care techniques not found anywhere else. Part of this includes using biological fertilizers, a commitment by our company to work with natural materials. The use of biological fertilizers provides optimum soil health, avoiding unsightly lawns. This applies to all lawn types, so you can expect good results if your lawn differs from others in your area. The level of service you receive is only as good as the technician on your lawn. Technicians are the most expensive factor of your service. We take pride in educating and certifying our technicians so that we can deliver the optimum service experience.

Even more importantly, the processes used to care for your lawn are completely safe. This means you won't have to worry about keeping your cat or dog away from your lawn after treatments take place.

Providing Turf in the Warm and Cool Seasons

Another unique service from TDI is our turf growing service during the summer, fall, and winter. During the summer, we focus on Bermuda and Zoysia turf, providing more biological approaches to assuring quality growth and lawn health.

As part of our lawn services in the Decatur, AL area, it's worth signing up for our Warm Season Turf Annual Program since it gives you numerous incentives to enjoy as the season’s get warmer. The program offers biological fertilizer treatment and soil amendments when they're needed. Weed control is also provided for no additional charges.

For the cool season lawn services in Decatur, AL, you should sign up for the Cool Season Turf Annual Program, giving you similar care. The focus here is on providing fescue turf, grown best between September and June. It's a smart lawn choice for those living in northern Alabama. Aeration and overseeding are part of the services provided to keep your fescue turf healthy.

Other Lawn Services Provided

TDI’s lawn services in the Decatur, AL area offer a wide variety of lawn care options, knowing many lawns are often different in just one neighborhood.

More related lawn services that we provide:

  • We offer tree and shrub care to prevent disease from afflicting your ornamental landscape.
  • Aeration – making small holes in the turf for lawn’s access to proper air, food, and water.
  • Overseeding processes for tall fescue grass grown in the cooler months.
  • Preventing grub infestations (larvae from beetles) which then prevents moles and other pests from ruining your turf.
  • Pest services to contribute to your lawn’s continued health.
    • Fire ant treatment to eliminate dangerous pests that often build large nests on lawns.
    • Flea and tick treatment to provide relief for your pets, and peace of mind for you and your family

Visit TDI Services to find out more about our standout lawn care. Those of you looking for lawn service in Decatur, AL should look no further for the climate you live in.