Quality Lawn Care in Eastern Shore, AL (Farihope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Mobile)

More often than not, the secret to a beautiful lawn lies in what we can't see. The quality of lawn service that the Eastern Shore residents have come to expect is delivered by lawn and pest care services that come with an understanding of those issues. Your lawn is the first impression you and your home make on your friends, family, neighbors and guests - that matters.

Recognizing potential weed, pest, or lawn disease issues are only part of what professional, quality lawn care service providers will do. Trust in lawn care isn't given, it is earned. At TDI Services, we pride ourselves in earning the trust of the citizens of the Eastern Shore by upholding these standards.

Local and Proven

The Eastern Shore is the place we call home and for more than 25 years we have helped our neighbors to fight pests, deal with Alabama-unique soil conditions, and create beautiful lawns. For our newest residents and new customers, a free follow-up visit is performed as a courtesy after the 1st treatment.

Professional Services

You might appreciate our local roots and hospitality, but you will be impressed by our professionalism. We are serious about keeping your yard free of insects and pests, ugly weeds, and grass killing diseases. This isn't guesswork, this is years of science, study, and practice. We understand Alabama's acidic clay soil and the problems it can present, and we will help you have the best yard in the neighborhood.


Nobody expects you to be a lawn care expert, or to understand the difference between calcitic and dolomitic lime. The fair and effective lawn care Alabama residents expect also means not getting overcharged for things they don't need. As an example, we include soil conditioners (remember the aforementioned acidic clay soil of Alabama), compost tea, and weed treatment at no extra charge, that's zero.


It isn't uncommon for a variety of chemicals and compounds to be used to fight lawn pests, weeds or other threats. We are and proudly boast being, "The only biological solution in the industry." That means application treatments that are safe for your yard and better for the environment. We believe that our homes and our lawns are our responsibility, while the giant yard called earth is everyone's responsibility.

No Place Like Home

We put a great deal of effort, energy and money into taking care of our homes, because we care. When was the last time you saw a beautiful home sitting on a lot of dead grass, mud, and weeds? Possibly never, right? The truth is, those who care about their home care about their yards.

This is the place you call home, host the family barbecue, and watch your children play. That alone is reason enough to care. It is why getting the best lawn care for Alabama communities is important.

Earning Your Trust

The trust of customers is best earned through exceptional and effective service. For lawn and pest care, that equates to delivering solutions, finding answers, and producing results. The truth is, for lawn care professionals, a job poorly done will often be evident. Just take a look at that massive brown spot in the yard or that 2 foot tall weed growth by the fence line!

Our customers have more than two decades of evidence and more than two decades of beautiful yards which we trust will speak on our behalf. Your yard deserves the best care because you care and it matters. That means finding lawn care professionals in the Eastern Shore (Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Mobile) area who will treat you fairly, do professional work, and, most importantly, someone who will work to earn your trust.