Lawn Service

TDI evaluates each customer’s needs individually to determine the proper course of treatment for your lawn or landscape. Our twenty years of experience have led us to develop an array of annual services that not only serve to beautify lawns and correct problems, but also to prevent the development of future problems and provide ongoing satisfaction for our customers.

The major differences that set us apart from our competition:

  • Locally owned & operated for over 20 years
  • All new accounts receive a FREE courtesy follow-up visit 2 weeks after 1st application
  • BIOLOGICAL fertilizers applied to all grass types for optimum soil health
  • Soil conditioners are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE
    (Due to Alabama’s poor clay acidic soil, we apply more than just lime. We also customize them to your grass type & conditions of that particular year.)
  • Our lime is calcitic (not dolomitic) meaning less magnesium
  • Certified sod farm quality seed used on fescue lawns
  • Compost tea available at NO EXTRA CHARGE if ever needed
  • All weeds are treated at NO EXTRA CHARGE (including Dallisgrass & Nutgrass)
  • NO EXTRA CHARGES for treatment of lawn disease or turf damaging insects
  • Liquid pre-emergent weed control for the most effective results
  • Blowers are used to clean excessive fertilizer off paved areas
  • Prices NOT quoted from satellite to ensure accurate analysis of lawn
  • Pre-pay & bundling discounts available
  • 100% Guaranteed Results
  • FREE Service Calls
  • NO Contracts
  • Pet & Family Friendly

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