Pest Control in Deactur, AL

Each lawn has its own specific needs, and no two lawns are identical. To achieve and maintain a lush, healthy lawn, you not only need the right kind of grass, fertilizer, and the correct amount of water and sunshine, you also need to use pest control to help keep your landscape as pest free as possible. TDI performs Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, as an effective and economical approach to controlling most lawn and landscape pest problems.

Common insect and disease pests of turf grasses in Alabama include five pest groups; insects, and related arthropods, snails and slugs, vertebrates, plant disease agents, and weeds, all of which can cause problems in urban landscapes without proper pest control in place. Of these, insects and related arthropods and plant disease agents are the most likely to outbreak and cause problems, according to a publication on the subject by the Alabama Cooperative Extension.

Tall fescue, a cool-season turf grass, is widely used in the Southeast United States in both residential and commercial landscapes, and is very popular in Alabama. The biggest advantages of tall fescue include superior shade tolerance and a deep green winter color. An attractive tall fescue lawn can easily be established from sod. However, diseases play a major role in limiting the range of tall fescue when pest control is not used. Alabama's hot, muggy summers place a strain on lawns, and damaging diseases such as brown patch, gray leaf spot, and white patch are common.

At TDI Biological Lawn Services, we have expertise and experience in caring for lawns and landscapes in Decatur. Pest control is a key element in keeping your lawn beautiful and functional, and you won’t find a more experienced or dedicated team of pest control professionals well versed in the proper implementation of pest control for your lawn in all of Alabama. If you have questions about the best way to care for your lawn, deal with, eliminate, or prevent pests that can destroy it, and how to preserve your beautiful landscape, contact the professionals at TDI Biological Lawn Services. We will evaluate your property’s specific needs and determine the most effective course of action.

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