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Weed of the Month -- Green Kyllinga

Green kyllinga (Kyllinga brevifolia Rottb.) is a warm-season, perennial sedge weed common throughout the southeastern United States. It spreads through seed as well as rhizomes (underground stems) below the soil surface to form a dense mat that can choke out stands of desirable turf species. It is a close relative of yellow nutsedge. Green kylllinga prefers low areas with wet soil and is usually an indicator of poor drainage. It forms dense mats and can tolerate low mowing heights, making it a very difficult weed to control in turfgrass. Preemergent herbicides have been successful in limiting germination of green kyllinga seeds but not preventing entirely. The best control measures for this weed are making sure low areas of the yard are not holding water and staying wet for long periods as well as post emergent weed control. If you have weeds in your lawn call TDI for a free service call to have your technician come and resolve the weeds.

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Saturday, 16 October 2021
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